Update on my Brain Impulse artificial intelligence investment account.

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About Brain impulse:
Brain Impulse – an artificial intelligence, created with the purpose of collecting and analyzing information, its further processing for further profit earning.

The leading experts in the field of cryptocurrency, gold funds , petroleum production, trading on the Forex market and securities market entities has created this artificial intelligence.

Brain Impulse analyzes the situation in these areas at the program level and allows you to make a profit every day. You can earn on changes of the shares value.

Buy shares at a favorable rate and sell them when they rise in price. By investing your money to the Brain Impulse, you will increase your contribution every day by 2 % ~3%.
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1. How to enable artificial intelligence?

In order to begin to make a profit, you need to be registered at Brain Impulse. After registration you will receive 1 USD, which you can use to start working. Direct your investments to your preferred area of stocks and confirm your action..

2. How to get started in the Brain Impulse?

To increase the revenue share you should refill your account and invest in Brain Impulse in the “Exchange” tab. If you do not invest, the rate of revenue shares will remain the same.

3. What is the action?

The action – the amount of funds obtained as a result of the successful conclusion of financial transactions.

4. From what does the speed of the shares depends on ?

Shares revenue rate depends on the amount invested in the Brain Impulse.

5. Can I sell the shares?

You can sell all your shares at any time at the sale price. Profit from sales you can get in USD and BTC. The commission of the sale of shares is 0%.

6. Is the price of the shares always the same?

The price of the shares will be changed once per 24 hours in accordance with major stock markets. You can always sell shares at a profit for you.

7. Can I buy shares and wait for their increase in value?

You can buy any amount of shares in the “Exchange ” section, wait for the most favorable rate for you and sell every unit , thus securing a considerable profit.

8. In what sphere does the artificial intelligence Brain Impulse offers its services?

Brain Impulse receives income in trade and exchange cryptocurrency, gold and foreign assets, oil trading in the Forex market and securities.

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